August 6, 2008

Little shop of horrors Audrey # 1&2-7

And here is the finished puppet after painting and attaching with hot glue to the pot. #1 looks the same as far as color only smaller. also I added some roots made out of foam with wire down the center and attached with hot glue.

Little shop of horrors Audrey # 1&2-6

Here we have the leaves attached to #2,the wires where just poked through the pod, and tacked down with hot glue, makeing sure the wire does not poke you as you put your hand into the puppet. next we start to paint the pod, I am using watered down acrylic paint.

Little shop of horrors Audrey # 1&2-5

Here is #2 Audrey. the warts have been hot glued on carved out of foam using scissors, I basically just kept shaving small little bits of at high speeds until the shape I wanted emerged. next pic is the leaves, also carved from foam sheeting, with wire added down the center.

Little shop of horrors Audrey # 1&2-4

Here is #2 Audrey. the warts have been hot glued on carved out of foam using scissors, I basically just

Little shop of horrors Audrey # 1&2-3

Here I have attached fabric for the neck of the plant, and attached it to the pot, I made the fake dirt on the inside by using scrap peices of foam colored brown and hot glued to the pot. leaving a circle in the center for your arm to go through into the puppet. at this point forsome reason, I stoped taking pics of #1, so the next pic will be #2, which strangly enough starts up where this left off, for I forgot to take the begining pics of #2.

Little shop of horrors Audrey # 1&2-2

Here we have the finished puppet, well finished mouth peice anyway. I basicaly glued around the rim folding the foam around the edges this will leave you with the back ends to glue together once there hot glued you'll should end up with what you see above. that is If my instructions are understandable enough, or if you can get past the spelling errors which I will not fix, for thats just to anal for a free instruction site, and I'm also to busy for such a thing. Anyway.

Little shop of horrors Audrey # 1&2-1

Ok, these two are very similar, both are standered hand puppets, two is slightly bigger then one obviously, and I did not get all the pictures taken with these two for some reason, so I am joining them together in the instructions on how I made them. First off this pic is from #1, and shows the basic design of the mouth which will be hot glued around the rim of the hard card board board starting with the top center of the board. I got the shape for the foam mouth peice by using the hard mouth piece to start off with then laying it on the foam you simply add abou an inch and a half to the bottom two sides going out from the hard mouth piece and then simply draw a curve up to the top of the hard mouth piece, this should give you a good mouth with pleny of room for your hand, and of coarse if you want the pod to be larger or taller just add to the inch and a half.